Installing TS3

  1. Go to…..ent_latest, scroll to the bottom and click “I agree”. If you are asked what to do with the file, choose “Run” (Norwegian: “Kjør” eller “Åpne”).
  2. Install wizard: Next, "I agree", next, next, next, install, wait a bit, close.
  3. Now you have the TeamSpeak3 client both in your start menu and on your desktop. Start it.
  4. TeamSpeak3 has a wizard that helps you set it up the first time:
    1. The first window is just info. Click next.
    2. The second window asks you for a nickname. Type the name you want to use when connecting here and click next.
    3. The third window lets you select how you want to send audio. Voice activated or push to talk. BrothersInArms recommends push to talk so we don't have to listen to you eating potato chips. Select "Push-to-talk", click "No Hotkey Assigned", press your selected hotkey and finally click next. Some people like using an extra mousebutton as a hotkey. If you don't have a microphone connected, just press a key you never use.
    4. The fourth window let you test your microphone. Sing a song while pressing your hotkey, then press next.
    5. The fifth window let you set a hotkey for muting (disabling) your microphone. This is mostly useful if you have set the microphone to be voice activated. Press next.
    6. Congratulations! Press finish.
  5. TeamSpeak 3 is now installed! Next step is adding a server.

Add server

  1. Start TeamSpeak if it isn't running already.
  2. Click Connections and Connect in the menu. A connect window pops up.
  3. Fill it out like this:
    The address of the server you want to connect to. If the address you have been given contains a colon (:), this is the part BEFORE the colon. If not, it is the entire address. For instance "".
    The port number of the server you want to connect to. If the address you have been given contains a colon, this is the part AFTER the colon (a number between 1 and 32767) If you don't have it, you can clear the box (which actually will use 9987 – the standard port for Teamspeak 3).
    This is the name you wrote when you installed TS3. If you want to use a special name for this server, you can change it here.
    Server password
    If the server you want to connect to requires a password, you can write it here. If not, just leave it blank.
  4. Click the Connect button.
  5. Click Bookmarks and Add to Bookmarks in the menu. Just click OK in the window that pops up.
  6. And you're done!


  1. Start TeamSpeak 3
  2. Click Bookmarks and the server you want to connect to.
  3. Go play!

Bonus: Install to see who's on the TS3-server while you're playing.