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Hi there and hi mi Lol


You want to join us, just post little about your self, copi text under and just fill in.


1. Your name

2. Age

3. Where are you from

4  Have you been ban from another server before

5 Is it ok for our's admin to put your GUIDE on ban if we fine out you are cheeting or some other clan have wery good proof for chettng

6. You speak Norwegian, Sweedish or English

7.You don't moaning, we have already enaugh player who do that Lol


If you thnk this ok,we will vot for your application.  Remember, befor you ask for tags, you have to been playing little with us.


Best regards

Jan-Åge aka [BrthersInArms]#06 in COD and [BIA]Tjobing69 in CO4 and Back Ops